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Rural Democrats: What We Stand For

Updated: Apr 22

In the midst of political polarization, divided communities, and unprecedented politics, you might be wondering: why join a political party? You might also wonder why the Democratic Party over Republican, Libertarian, or Legal Marijuana Now? This is our case to you.

Being a Democrat in Nebraska and in Cass County especially means one thing, doing the most amount of good for the most amount of people the most amount of time.

"The Nebraska Democratic Party is the diversity of its members, their unity of purpose, and their confidence in the ability of people to transcend the human failings of fear, prejudice, and strife. Most of all, at the heart of the Nebraska Democratic Party lies the belief that government can be made to serve all people with wisdom and compassion. To that end, we weigh all our proposals and positions, devote our energies, and dedicate our service." - Preamble, 2022 Platform

In accordance with this mission, we believe in a comprehensive platform that builds and sustains our rural community.

Agriculture: We are committed to family farmers and ranchers, the agriculture land, and the topsoil in Nebraska that grows crops to feed the world. We believe in lowering the property tax burden on agricultural land.

Education: We support preserving public community schools as the bedrock of our communities. We support investments in education at the state level which reduces the burden on local property taxes. We are opposed to efforts that undermine public education, teachers, and our local schools.

Healthcare: We believe hospitals, community clinics, nursing homes, and mental healthcare must be accessible and affordable for rural residents.

Rural Revitalization: We endorse investments in rural communities: small businesses, infrastructure, rural broadband, and employment opportunities.

Housing: We support an expansion of affordable housing particularly for senior citizens and young people.

Right to Repair: We believe producers should have the right to fix their own equipment or go to the mechanic of their choice.

Freedom: We fundamentally hold that our civil rights and civil liberties are at the core of American values. We oppose efforts to restrict these rights by state and national lawmakers.

Other tenements of what Nebraska Democrats believe can be found in the 2022 Party Platform.

If you share in our mission to serve others and the community, consider joining the Cass County Democratic Party. We are fighting for you in rural Nebraska!



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