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Cass County Democrats represents the county chapter of the Nebraska Democratic Party. The chapter is governed by its constitution and bylaws. The board is made up of the Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary which are elected by registered Democrats in Cass County every four years at the County Convention.

We are committed to the platform and ideals of the Democratic Party and work to advance its candidates, policies, and initiatives in our communities. Registered independents and enlightened republicans are welcome to view or participate in our county party events. Registered independents are able and encouraged to vote for Democratic candidates in primary elections.

Our County Officers.

Sarah Slattery


Jayden Speed

Vice Chair

Wendy Callahan


Brandy Jordan


Our Elected Officials.

Lisa Fricke, State Board of Education
Dale Sharp, Cass County Commission

Teresa Salinger, Cass County Assessor

Mary Harding, Nebraska Public Power District

Mark Spangler, Lower Platte South NRD

Jeanie Brookhouser, Plattsmouth City Council

Tracey Priefert, Conestoga Board of Education

Shannon Coleman, Elmwood/Murdock Board of Education

Jackie Heard, Louisville Board of Education

Steven Sharp, Cedar Creek Village Board

James Dobbins, Eagle Village Board

Valerie Pike, South Bend Village Board

Karen Phillis Fritschle, Union Village Board

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